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Espresso For Your Goals helps you make roadmaps to your highest desires, so that your own accomplishments fuel the certainty you need to build the creative life of your dreams.
Espresso For Your Goals is a community of high achievers and it consists of this website and blog, several published books, and online locations at Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 


Espresso For Your Goals is Concentrated, powerful and effective.

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Here’s a little note from your fearless guide, Les Goodrich:

Hi there,
Have you ever thought: “I am so ready to go from the what I am working toward stage, to the, Holy cow, look what I did! stage?”

Have you ever wanted to do something big, but been far too responsible to take the massive risk required, because there was no way to be certain of succeeding?

Are you already a high achiever, ready to do something radical that you know you would be good at, but see no clear way to leap from where you are, to that ideal situation?

Well I know exactly how those moments feel. In fact they drove me to search through dozens of motivational speakers, self-help books and deliberate creation videos. Along the way I have found tons of valuable insight, ideas and tools that have helped me in enormous ways. Maybe you have too. 

But when it came to taking the  big risks that massive accomplishment often requires, I was just too cautious and responsible to fly off the handle and risk it all without being certain that I could succeed. At the same time i needed a concentrated, efficient system of setting and accomplishing goals that would make use of the myriad of ideas, methods, theories and processes I had gathered over the years.

So, being a writer, the easiest way for me to compile it all was in a book. I love to write. In fact, I actually write a Live Music Column for a newspaper and believe me, it’s so much fun that I would happily just do that for the rest of my life. But once I finished the book, I gave it to a few high achiever friends of mine, and they gave it to a few more people and before I knew it I was getting emails for the book and giving away so many that it became downright annoying.

I think the reason it struck such a chord with people is the fact that the system you create with the book (what has become known as the Espresso For Your Goals System) helps you make roadmaps to your highest desires, so that your own accomplishments fuel the certainty you need to make big strides.

You see, i only wanted to write a concise little book for my friends and I to use, so I made it really short and sweet. It’s only forty pages and it doesn’t drone on and on about lofty goal theory. (“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”) Because the book is short and sweet, the system it creates is concentrated and powerful. That is what gave birth to the cool title! Espresso For Your Goals.

So imagine if you could build momentum by becoming perfectly confident in succeeding at accomplishing any of the goals you set. Or what if you could be certain that you could always accomplish at least 3 out of the 4 biggest goals you have. If you could get to that point, you would never have to be assured of success in any single endeavor before taking action, because you would have faith in your own goal accomplishment process. 

Therefore, the book Espresso For Your Goals, was designed to turn ideas into results by fueling your goal setting process with the momentum of your own undisputed accomplishments and clear, methodical actions. My idea when writing it was that in order to do something big you’ve never done before, you have to believe it can be done. I thought “maybe I could just cultivate belief in my overall process of accomplishing goals, and use that as momentum to tackle some big, life changing, on-my-boat in-the-Bahamas type goals.” Well it turns out that it works like a champ and this website and everything I do these days is the result of what I learned along the way.

What started out as a simple little book has grown into a website, a video course, and a live seminar not to mention properties on Facebook, Youtube and Google+ (whatever that actually is).

The mission of it all is to maximize the time-tested tools of successful accomplishment (Deliberate Thought, Goals, Affirmations, Persistent Action and Gratitude) and re-energize them through alignment and a next-level understanding of The Law Of Attraction.* (See opinion rant below.)

*LOA Rant: Let me be perfectly clear right now on my opinion and understanding of the The Law Of Attraction. No, you can’t close your eyes and picture a Porsche 930 Turbo for a few minutes, then bump into it in your driveway the next morning (trust me, I have tried). However, you can change your results by focusing your thoughts onwhat you do want more often than on what you are sick of

As you can see, this is not entry-level goal setting, or LOA101. Espresso For Your Goals is for those who already accomplish at good or excellent levels in their lives, and are ready to excel into the realm of outstanding performance. If you’re already a raving fan of my book, comment below to let me know you were here. If you haven’t read my book yet, you can get it here if you want.

Welcome and Best Wishes to your Highest Success!
Rock on,

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