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If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

Exactly two years and one month ago, I left Starbucks to be a self-employed writer. Since then I have written, published, and marketed six books. I have also written 480, five-hundred-word freelance articles. Of those, many were for eBay corporation, which was a job that I did not even go …

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The Secret Book

The Secret Book … is there one? We have all seen movies and read exciting stories where a main aspect of the plot is a discovery of The Secret Book that the characters are either searching for or trying to protect. A short list of stories with this theme includes …


Book: Manifesting Abundance

Have you been studying the Law Of Attraction for a while? Have you had some success? Do you still struggle with a few things? Are there accomplishments that are next-level for you at this point? Sure. We all have moments of both success and perplexing dismay on the path of …


Ready to move from Goal setting to Goal Accomplishing?

Espresso For Your Goals helps you make roadmaps to your highest desires, so that your own accomplishments fuel the certainty you need to build the creative life of your dreams. The book is just like espresso: Concentrated, powerful and effective.      Combine #GoalSetting with #LawOfAttraction for ultimate #success Click To TweetPowered …