Law Of Attraction is NOT The Power of Positive Thinking

Law Of Attraction is Not The Power of Positive Thinking
(This is an excerpt from my book: The Manifestation Guide Book, available on
by Les Goodrich

The emotions that you feel indicate the vibration you are tuned in to, and therefore, indicate your point of attraction. The Universe only ever responds to the vibrational climate or frequency that you are offering or giving your attention to.

The power of positive thinking leaves out an entire side of the equation of reality: the power of negative thinking. The fact is, that the Law Of Attraction is indifferent to the thoughts you think. It merely fulfills that which you resonate with. The Law of Attraction will always mirror your predominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Knowing this creates an opportunity to manage your thoughts and therefore to, as the old self-help phrase goes, Create Your Own Reality. This requires subtle attention to a detail that many entry-level LOA books and coaches fail to fully touch upon. This detail is the fact that there is a difference between how the absence of your desire feels, and how the anticipation of it feels. Everyone wants to say that you must align with the feelings of your desire fulfilled. But the more realistic method is to align with the feelings of anticipation and faith in your Goal.

You see, very often, a desire can cause more thoughts and feelings focused on the desire’s absence, because that is the reality. However, once we come to understand that the anticipation of a desire resonates at the same frequency as the fulfillment of it, BAM, now you’ve got it.

Knowing that it is coming aligns with the vibration of its fulfillment. Hold yourself in more steady alignment with your desire or goal, by cultivating the anticipation, excitement, and the belief that its realization must manifest because Law Of Attraction can and must only respond to your current and most frequent vibration. Many easily confuse this with the power of positive thinking, but it is not any virtue of the positive thought or attitude that causes the manifestation. It is the alignment of your experience with the frequency of your thoughts and feelings, and this functions just as well for negative thought as for positive ones. Realizing this, however, the deliberate creator quickly understands that a positive attitude is a benefit. Since all things are simply varying vibrations of energy, from the most fleeting thought to the hardest stone, the Law Of Attraction can and must only respond to your current and most frequent vibration. Whatever your thoughts and feelings consistently focus upon, will manifest as the physical reality of your experience.

It can be no other way.

It is okay to recognize a Goal’s absence. That helps you clarify what you want. Then just focus your thoughts and feelings on the excitement and anticipation and certainty that the Universe is delivering all that you need for that Goal’s fulfillment. Focus on the joy of that knowledge more than you focus on the dread of it not being here yet, and it will find you in smooth, harmonious, fun, witty ways.

Very often, when we are focused on creating success in some area of our life, we will quickly see examples of others who are excelling in the same arena that we are working in. This can be a shock for the new deliberate creator. At first there may be a tendency to be jealous or confused. “How the heck did they do that?”

But the fact is, such moments occur because, remember, the Law Of Attraction is exceedingly efficient. Often, if you maintain a new vibration of success for yourself in a certain area, the Universe will (almost instantly) deliver to you such an example of someone else doing it also. This is because that example already exists. Therefore the Law Of Attraction simply hands it to you. Take this as an absolute sign of two things: One, It is possible, and two, you are aligned with the vibration of success in that area.