Shift Your Surroundings & Shift Your Mood

Many times we imagine that once we attain out goals, then our surrounding will change. We visualize a higher income providing the means for our better home, car, and experience.

However, we must remember that the mood you feel NOW is the mood that is influencing your point of attraction. The toughest and feelings you are focusing on, are the thoughts and feeling that Law Of Attraction is responding to. You are always going down the road toward your current thoughts, feelings, and the moods they create.

Often the most simple truths evade us, because they seem, well, too simple. And those of us who believe in a Spiritual Source of energy can sometimes discount the impact of the material world around us. But remember that the material world is a reflection of the spiritual, or energetic world. Both create and support each other. This is exciting news.

It means that you can influence your vibration by altering your physical experience. This is exactly the reason and theory behind the Feng Shui tradition and its continual revival. But you need not be a Feng Shui master to harness the power of this idea.

So you don’t have the money saved yet to remodel the interior of your house? Well, move things around and clear out what you can and revise your interior in the mean time. Still saving for the downpayment of the new car? Take an afternoon to detail your current car. Clean it out and make it look as new as you can. Go through your office and purge the old clutter, and organize what you have to be clean, minimal, and ready for clear thought and action.

You will be amazed at the transformation. Such simple steps tune up your vibration and make it easier for you to choose a better feeling thought as you make your way toward your ideal desired results.

I hope you have an outstanding week.
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