The Road You Are On

Martin Hwy – (c) Les Goodrich III 2014


The Road You Are On
by Les Goodrich

The road you are on always has two possible directions: The way forward (to you destination) and the way back (toward what you are not wanting).

As we begin to practice deliberate creation there are times of elation and times of frustration. The trick is to only give enough attention to your frustration, to be able to turn away from it.

Dwelling on problems and “what might go wrong” is the drum of mediocrity. It is the tune that is worshiped over and over by the Television Hypnotized and Video Game Desensitized masses.

There is a consensus in the old ways of thinking that insists that work is hard, money is scarce, and problems are thriving. This is merely the theme song of oppression designed by marketers in business to sell you escape from it, and governments created to protect you within it.

Seek out a better feeling thought and follow that. It will lead to another and another and you will find yourself surrounded by evidence of your goals and intentions as they slowly find you among the static of the world. Does this mean that the deliberate creator never has a problem? No. But it is the deliberate creator’s response to circumstances that aligns them on their road. It is the direction they choose which determines where they end up.

Focus on your ideal desired result. A day will come when you experience disappointment in your results. Then that feeling will be immediately replaced with what you DO want, rather than a reworking of your poor result. Learn from it? Yes. Dwell on it? No. On the day that you see yourself do that automatically, get ready. All of your intentions will soon flood into your experience with such elegance that those around you will be astonished.

For me personally, when I began to live my life intentionally, I became somewhat of a mystery to many people that I knew at the time. I was no longer joining in on the chorus of woe. Why? Because I did not want more of that. “Yes but it’s true,” they would say. The news? (So called.) Informed? (Fine.) Inundated? (No thanks.) Adding to it? (Nope.)

For those still living out of the old focus of fear and scarcity, I became something they did not understand. It was as if I had decided to defect to Russia and live on an ice flow. My choices did not equate with the world they saw. And so, I began to meet others who saw abundance, happiness, and creative work as a pleasure. More than anything it began as people who needed my help. I met people who wanted my opinions as a writer, entrepreneur, publisher, diver, boater, fisherman, photographer.

When you begin to live a creative life, remember to focus on your ideal desired result. The road you are on will always have choices. Choose to follow the thoughts of your intentions, not your disappointments. Always be gentle with your self and your goals. Have fun everyday as you move to your dreams.

Rock on!