If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

aviles st
Exactly two years and one month ago, I left Starbucks to be a self-employed writer. Since then I have written, published, and marketed six books. I have also written 480, five-hundred-word freelance articles. Of those, many were for eBay corporation, which was a job that I did not even go looking for, but that found me through another set of articles I had written. IZEA just invited me to be a freelance product review page editor for their next project.
My answer: Yes and thank you. I just calculated that the combination of those jobs plus my book sales will allow me to earn the exact amount of money this year that I took home from Starbucks in my last year there. The differences are that I will earn that money this time by myself, without a boss, without an employee, without a customer I ever see, without an inventory I ever touch, and from wherever I feel like.
From the day I gave my District Manager at SBUX my one month notice, I began to carry a 3×5 index card with a goal written on it in my Starbucks apron pocket, and read it every day. I still read that card every day, along with my other goals. The card says this:
“I am professionally, logistically, and financially independent and free right now. I decide when I am successful in my business. I work from wherever I choose today doing what I love and am good at. I earn an abundant financial income.”
The system of goal setting and accomplishment that I used to make that a reality (among many other things) was also the content of the first book that I wrote: Espresso for Your Goals. You can find that book here. But the point of this post is honestly not to sell things. The point is to let you know that you can accomplish your goals even if you do not know exactly how in the beginning. Believe in yourself. Believe in your vision. Set up your system (whether from my book or in some other way). Trust. Try. Do. Go. Rock on.