What Everyone Ought To Know About How To Apply The Law Of Attraction

Are you a seasoned Law Of Attraction Jedi, or a Padawan Learner, so to speak?

Would you like to know more about how to apply the law of attraction?

Of course we all would. In fact even the most accomplished law of attraction gurus most certainly study this most amazing of universal laws. One of the most fascinating aspects of the law of attraction is its unfolding nature. I remember reading the book entitled Law Of Attraction: The Basics Of The Teachings Of Abraham nearly two years into my adventure of deep research and practice of the law and deliberate creation. I was blown away at how much I learned on a subject that I had spent so much time and energy reading about for years.

But that is the way the law of attraction rolls. It constantly gives you more. The more you look, the more you find.

Here is a complete definition and explanation of the law of attraction: The Law Of Attraction states that like attracts like. In pure terms this can be restated as that which is like unto itself, is drawn. This phenomenon is a universal law, like gravity or inertia, and it always works, it is always in action, and it never fails whether a person is aware of it or not.

The practical application of the law of attraction becomes possible when you realize that it works on every level of existence. This is because, at the core, all manner of experience is energy, or vibration. Even the most solid object on Earth, a diamond, is composed of extremely tiny particles vibrating at extremely fast rates in, what amounts to, mostly empty space.

When scientists say mostly empty space in this regard, they mean it. In the case of a diamond (again, the most dense material on Earth) if we could inflate the atoms that make up a diamond to the size of an orange, and you could stand at one point within the diamond and hold one of the oranges, the next closest orange (atom) one would be more than two hundred yards away with no physical material in between. That is two football fields.

All physical phenomenon is 99.9999% empty space. It is the vibrational energy which gives us the illusion and practical application of solidity. Much like a fan blade that always has gaps between the blades. When the fan is spinning fast enough, the disc it creates is, for all intents and purposes, a solid disc. If you try to stick your finger through one of the gaps in a rapidly spinning fan, you will be injured.

In a very similar way, you will injure your toe if you kick a large boulder. But the large boulder is still made up of 99.9999% empty space. Just like the fan blade, the spaces are there. The particles within that space are simply vibrating at such a high rate, that they create a practically solid surface and structure.

All of this comes into play with the law of attraction when we realize that not only are the physical objects in our world made of a vast majority of energy in empty space, so too are the thoughts we think and the feelings we experience in our bodies and minds.

Therefore, the law of attraction can be utilized to affect the physical world, through an systematic and deliberate application of thought and feeling.

Whatever you focus your most predominant thoughts on, and whatever subject you feel the most passionately and the most frequently about, will eventually align the vibrations of your being with the correlative vibrations in the material world and your thoughts will become the circumstances, people, and events in you life.

In fact, your current life is the result of your past thoughts and feelings and there is no evidence in the entire cosmos to prove it is not so.

Many arguments of innocent victims rise quickly when someone initially hears of the law of attraction. However, those cases are nothing more than a weaker person falling prey to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of another, for good or ill.

The ultimate response to the victim derailed of the law of attraction is this: Just because sometimes crappy things happen to people who don’t deserve it does not mean that we should ignore a powerful force of the universe and use it to our abundant, prosperous, joyful advantage.

That would be like never again using the power of gravity to leverage a building to stand on its foundation, or to carry a snow skier down a slope, because one time someone fell off of a cliff, and therefore, gravity is bad.

The law of attraction is a powerful force of creation in this world and beyond. Take the journey and learn all that you can. Get yourself in alignment with something you truly desire. Then pour your love of it and your thoughts toward it and watch as the universe delivers examples of it and ways to accomplish it right to you every time.

So you have read this article. You have made it to the end. And I know that you would love to effectively apply the law of attraction to your own ideal desired results without spending years meditating or running on a treadmill.

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More to come as always !

Thank you!
Les Goodrich III