Law Of Attraction Lessons from Sept2014

Law Of Attraction Lessons from Sept2014
by Les Goodrich III

Wow, was that a fast month! Some months seem to go slowly and some seem to pass by faster. For me, September 2014 passed by in a week’s time. This is the first of a new Monthly Article That I will present here on the Espresso For Your Goals blog. At the end of each month, I will compile the lessons, tips and insights gained over that month (as chronicled in my personal journals) and deliver them to you, my goal setting/deliberate creator friend. So here are my Law Of Attraction Lessons from Sept 2014:
It is not your desire or goal that is ever missing. A pure desire or worthy goal is a manifestation in and of itself. What you feel when you consider this goal, is your first manifestation on your way to it. All you need to do is cultivate a joyful relationship with your thoughts on the subject. Know that you are on your way to it and be joyful in that knowing. That emotion is happiness, fulfillment, and the smooth accomplishment of thriving.

Have you ever noticed that when you stat to think of buying a specific model new car, that you begin (immediately) to see them at every turn? This is a very good example of the way Law Of Attraction functions. Those cars have always been there. You did not “create them”. The day you decided that you would like to have one, there was no extra shipment from Detroit or Japan to your town. It is just that, once you focus your thought on that make and model, you begin to recognize them all around you. It could be said that you “Manifested” them into your reality, but it would be more accurate to say that you “Recognized” them in your environment.

So consider how this phenomenon could function when you are talking about an opportunity! The Universe is a vast collection of energy exchanges and that energy is constantly coming in and out of form. Those forms present themselves in infinite diversity of experience. When you decide that you would like to accomplish a certain goal, and you focus on and visualize it as completed and thriving (that is realized or manifested into your experience) then the opportunities toward it begin to appear. The path toward your goal lights up. When you follow it with belief it lights up more.
Time and Alignment
Time does not fly by. Time is slow and eternal. It is your Present Now where your fulness lives. Looking back on it as we catalogue it in days, months, and years can cause it to seem as if it has moved by quickly (like my feelings about September 2014), but focusing on the past is either longing or regret. Focusing on the future is either longing or fear. Focusing on this moment is living fully.

Yes, plan, but barely, and only for those very few things that need it. Sometimes planning and anticipation can be half the fun but never loose sight of the fact that you only ever do so from the present. Being, as they say, ever-present, allows us to appreciate all that we are blessed with at every living second. It is this gratefulness that creates satisfaction.

Be present with your attention and create your reality by the deliberate manifestation of your current mood. Choose feelings of Joy, Abundance, Elation, and Fulfillment. Then celebrate all of the infinite examples of those things that the Universe delivers to you at every glance. Then watch in confident amazement as all of your most treasured desires flood into your experience at such rapid rates and in such fun, exciting, smooth, witty ways that everyone who knows you is astounded. Know that even you will be surprised because when the Universe delivers your dreams to you, they always exceed your expectations.

It is feeling good now, and being grateful in this moment for the abundance and harmony and success that surrounds you that determines what other abundance you have the ability to recognize. Choosing good feelings and gratefulness aligns your vibration to equal a frequency that allows you to receive more evidence of your goals fulfilling. The momentum of that evidence is what deserved accomplishment is made from and the happiness and joy of its fulfillment is the same vibration/frequency/feeling as the happiness and joy created by the tiniest spark of light that shines toward it from wherever you stand right now in relation to it. Feeling good because you know your goal is forthcoming vibrates at the same frequency as the goal fulfilled, and thereby, attracts it, or causes you to recognize the path toward it. Understanding that is understanding alignment. Applying alignment on purpose is Deliberate Creation. The momentum that Deliberate Creation leverages is the ability that one thought and feeling has to discover another thought and feeling that agrees with it. The inevitability of one thought and its feeling to find agreement with another thought and its feeling is the Law Of Attraction.
Thoughts ARE Manifestations
What are you focusing on? As long as you are focused on your problem (lack, not here yet, still trying to accomplish that) you are disallowing the solution, because the “problem” and the “solution” have very different frequencies.

You create your own reality by the vibration you focus on. You attract it. When you focus long enough–a minute or two– you build a momentum because like-thoughts continue to join your vibration and you create an emotion or feeling that equates (or aligns) with whatever you are focusing on. In our modern slang this is called a rant.

This “rant” or this emotional train of feeling is your creation. The very thought and its emotion is your manifestation. And it is the vibrational preface to the physical manifestation that is being lined up and delivered to you by the Universe through the Law Of Attraction.

Choose the focus of your thoughts to align with your Ideal Desired Result.

It isn’t so much that your thoughts create your reality, as your thoughts are your reality that you create by choosing them. Your thoughts are your manifestations. Thought manifestations are reality. They, in-turn, create/attract/reveal their physical equivalent by and through the Law Of Attraction, which is the momentum of the Universe.

You only need to focus on the same thought/feeling/frequency for a long enough time consistently enough that the Universe can deliver to you the first glimpse of evidence of it in the physical world. When you see that evidence, rejoice in it, and choose to follow its inertia. It may even be someone else who has what you desire. It doesn’t matter. Trust the Universe because it is only showing you the first available example of your goal. If you choose jealousy, you get rewarded by more instances to be jealous of. If you choose gratitude because you see that it is possible, not only for the other person, but for you as well, then you will find more and greater evidence that proves that the goal is possible for you as well, until it is.

Once you define your ideal desired result, it is on its way. When you focus deliberately, then you see the response to that point of attraction, celebrate that vibrational accomplishment as the manifestation it is.


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