Les Goodrich III: The guy who Combined Law Of Attraction with Goal Setting

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Hi There, this is my welcome post to you! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Les Goodrich III and I am the guy who combined the Law Of Attraction with Goal Setting. 

The whole thing evolved over time in the coolest way. I went to Florida State University and earned a double major BSBA degree from the College of Business with majors in Marketing and Management. While still a student I was selected for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management program where I became a consultant working with companies through the Small Business Institute. The SBI consulted organizations with relationships with the Federal Small Business Administration. While doing this work (and also finishing my double major Bachelors degree) I was introduced to the self-improvement teachings of both Brian Tracey and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

After graduating I worked for a few smaller communication companies, then Nextel, Sprint, and eventually Starbucks Coffee Company. I was an Operations Manager for Starbucks for about eight years. In that time I was writing fiction novels, newspaper articles, and blog posts on a variety of subjects. I loved writing and continued to write as I worked for Starbucks. Eventually I built my writing business up to a point where I could do that exclusively. I left Starbucks in the Spring of 2014 and published my first book: Espresso For Your Goals.

Espresso For Your Goals was the book that combined the Law Of Attraction with a powerful system of goal setting and accomplishing your highest goals and desires. What made the book different was the fact that it combined a clear system of action with the Law of Attraction. The book was a hit.

It has since evolved into three books, this Blog / Website, a Video Course, and numerous articles and blog posts. In addition to this non-fiction / self-help Law Of Attraction business that I love so much, I have also created a fiction author platform, under my other pen name Les Goodrich (without the III suffix). As Les Goodrich I have published two fiction Novels, Exploit and Exigent, and I have four more books outlined and on the way.

I also paint watercolor, enjoy longboard surfing, fishing, tropical travel and exploration, and tropical gardening. I hunt for crystals and gemstones, I grow orchids and Bonsais, and I love movies. I also read at least three books at any given time, and I love to read. I like techno music, deep house, old country, and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few.

So basically I am, Les Goodrich III, the hyper creative, adventurous, explorer, writer, painter, fortune 500 business manager who combined Law Of Attraction with Goal Setting and published 5 books in a year. Please look around the website and be sure to sign up to get your FREE Affirmation Video!

Rock on!