How The Law Of Attraction Works (sometimes)

Would you like to have a new insight about how the Law Of Attraction actually comes into reality?

Well I have an experience I want to share with you so that you can recognize and apply the benefits of it to your own life and desire.

This is just a quick post about something that has caught my attention recently. We all know and love the basics of applying the law of attraction and it is really fun to see our desires, hopes, and visions turn into the things, events, and circumstances of our lives. I will give it to you in a short description of my experience.

My Experience

For some time I have been visualizing and affirming a desire about my health. I am an overall healthy person but I have borderline insulin intolerance and I have always struggled with about twenty extra pounds. No one would call me fat, but that is because I have become an expert at hiding it over my lifetime.

About a year ago I discovered at a doctor visit that I have high blood pressure. It runs in my family and the doctor also said my cholesterol was high. This blew me away because I thought that I ate more “healthy” foods than anyone in my family. Tons of fruits and fruit juices, whole grains, trail mix, no soda, no fast food, and very little refined sugar or processed foods.

I had been focusing on an affirmation that sounds like this:

I focus all of my thoughts and feelings on the joy of having a flat stomach, perfect health, safe blood pressure and ideal insulin levels and tolerance. I am so grateful for my health and fitness.

I took the prescribed medicines, got a second medical opinion and was assured that all of the prescriptions were safe and appropriate for me. And I continued to read and feel my affirmation and goal every day. I also cut out saturated fats like bacon and sour cream and heavy cheeses. In their place I ate more rice, grains, and whole grain pasta. I also began to walk 30 minutes a day for exercise.

A few months later I returned to the doctor only to find out that I had GAINED like seven pounds. I knew it too. I could feel it. I was so confused. But I continued with my affirmation and believed that I could get this figured out. I pictured myself taking my shirt off at the beach and I imagined the confident feelings of fitting into my clothes better and looking good wherever I went. I knew I could do it.

I decided to take the only other action I could think of and I increased my daily walk from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Then I got a call from a friend I had not seen or spent much time with for the last several months. We started doing things together again and in the process I explained my dilemma to him. This friend and his wife both happen to be in the medical profession. As we spoke I told them that I had stopped eating saturated fats and walked for 30 minutes a day for a few months and actually gained more weight.

“What did you replace the sour cream and bacon part of your diet with?” my friend asked.

I had never quite thought of it like that but when I considered it my answer was rice, pasta, whole grain cereal and fruit juice.

“That’s what has caused you to gain weight,” my friend who is an RN said. Those types of carbs release insulin into your blood and signal your body to store fat. They not only cause your insulin levels to inflate and your body to become resistant to it, but they keep you from loosing weight.

Then my friend gave me a book about The Zone Diet by Dr. Barry Sears and within one week I had lost a few pounds and my body fat percentage had dropped. I had more energy that I have had since I was a teenager, I began to sleep better, and I felt like I finally had control over what I ate and why.

It wasn’t some crazy loose-weight-fast diet, but a system of eating to balance your hormones and insulin and to decrease your body fat and give you energy by providing more nutrition with fewer calories. What you can eat is endless and I could often not even eat as much food as was recommended for my size and weight. Making the meals up is actually fun and exciting (partly because I am the type of technical person who would read, understand, and implement a diet like The Zone).

Now this is not intended to be a commercial for The Zone Diet but I use the story to show you how the Law Of Attraction can sometimes work.

It was not my flat stomach and optimal health that materialized; it was the way to it that was exactly right and fun for me. My friends have had that book since 1996! I have known them my entire life. But it was only when I visualized my self as healthy, fit, with balanced insulin levels and an optimal physique that they heard me out and offered me a book that has literally changed my life for the better.

I still don’t have six-pack abs yet, but I feel like I am on my way. And as a matter of fact, that one goal was one of the ones that I believed I could accomplish the LEAST. So have faith in your goals. Visualize and emotionalize them as done. Love their final outcome. Think about it and love how getting it done will make you feel.

Then be aware and open minded for the way to reveal itself. Watch for the clues that the Universe always delivers to us and take action toward your goal when that way to it shows up.

Rock on !