The Secret Book

The Secret Book … is there one? We have all seen movies and read exciting stories where a main aspect of the plot is a discovery of The Secret Book that the characters are either searching for or trying to protect. A short list of stories with this theme includes National Treasure, The Book Of Eli, A Discovery Of Witches, and The Neverending Story.

These fiction accounts all feature some form of The Secret Book that is either a treasure or a curse. However, one of the most fascinating stories is not fiction at all, but the remarkable tale of how a video became a book and went on to inspire millions of people across the globe.

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That story is the tale of how The Secret, the book created by Rhonda Byrne based on her wildly successful movie The Secret, came to be.

Rhonda Byrne was a frustrated video producer in Australia whose father had recently and unexpectedly passed away, amid personal, financial, and emotional challenges that reportedly brought Rhonda to the end of her rope. As the story goes, her daughter gave her a copy of The Science of Getting Rich, a book written in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles.

This book introduces Byrne to the processes of Visualization, Affirmation, and New Thought theory based on The Law Of Attraction. The revelations and life-changing results she experienced as a result of these new ideas inspired her to create a DVD film about the subject, which she called The Secret. The Secret has gone on to sell millions of copies and has become a self-help empire all its own.

The first spin-off of the successful movie was The Secret Book, which is essentially the script of the film in book form with illustrations and elements that resemble the backdrops in the film.

The Secret Book is an excellent introduction to The Law Of Attraction and is indeed many people’s first glimpse into this remarkable natural law and its deliberate application.

No Law Of Attraction library would be complete without it, and while the book and the movie certainly do not say everything about the Law Of Attraction, they say nothing that is wrong and they make a very good introduction to the material, which is what they were intended to be.

The film does, however, frame the application of the Law Of Attraction in stylistic, movie-type ways. For example, a girl sees a necklace then her boyfriend gives it to her. A boy sees a bike, draws a picture of it, then his grandpa wheels it up for him. Also Joe Vitale, one of the teachers featured in the film, says something along the lines of, “I’m not getting older, I’m getting younger.”

Joe Vitale is clearly not getting younger, but the essence of what he is saying in that now much-criticized line, is the fact that your life is a reflection of your thoughts and your attitude. Joe Vitale is most assuredly young at heart! And quite successful in many regards due (I’m sure he would say) to his deliberate creation through applying The Law Of Attraction in his life.

Overall The Secret Book and The Secret Movie are well worth having, reading, enjoying, and studying. Anyone interested in The Law Of Attraction should check them out. I have both and I still go back to them often. The Secret has helped me in more ways than I can count. Check them out today.