How To Apply The Law Of Attraction To Goal Setting

Have you ever set a goal that (if you accomplished it) would literally change your life?

I think all of us have at least one life-changing goal in our plans for the future. Even the most casual aspiration to win the lottery could benefit from framing it with the parameters of the Law Of Attraction. And when we consider our seriously applied and pursued goals for success, achievement, and career success we could all use a boost in the effectiveness category.

Luckily, those of us who are students of learning How To Apply The Law Of Attraction (in other words, Deliberate Creators) have an advantage. We already understand that what you focus on, expands.

The simple but effective way to use this knowledge in our day to day goal setting routine is to phrase our goals with that in mind.

A typical goal setter might word a goal like this: “I want to loose twenty pounds.”

However, once you understand that the Law Of Attraction will only serve to add momentum to that exact phrase then you realize that a goal worded like that will only create more of a situation where wanting to lose twenty pounds is reinforced.

Instead, the better way to integrate the momentum of Law Of Attraction into that same goal would be like this: I am so thrilled to be at my ideal body weight and size. It feels so good. I love the feeling of confidence I have now that I have a flat stomach. Rock on. I did it.

Now, just saying that will not make pounds disappear, but believing it and feeling the feelings of it will. In fact, every goal is really two possible feelings: the feeling of it done, and the feeling of it needing to be done. The way that you Apply The Law Of Attraction to your goals, is by leveraging the fact that the LOA creates more of what is equal to it, vibrationally.

So re-word your goals to give you the feelings of having your ideal desired result already done. Affect that finished feeling of happiness in yourself MORE than you create the feeling of needing to do it or wishing it were done. Yo only need to do this 51% more often. Then Law Of Attraction will join the party and momentum will be on your side.

I hope that you enjoyed this short article. If you would like to know the full scoop on how to apply the law of attraction to your goal-setting life, then be sure to check out my best selling book, Espresso For Your Goals. You can read 10% of it for free HERE.

I hope you have an outstanding week!
Les Goodrich III