What Every Deliberate Creator Ought To Know About Their Top 4 Goals

Would you like to accomplish each of your Top 4 Goals without living in meditation or visualizing for an hour everyday?

Hell, would you be willing to visualize for three times that long and meditate your ass of if it guaranteed that you could accomplish your Top 4 Goals in, say, two months?

Damn right. Me too! In fact many of us would do more. But the fact is doing things is not the answer and, in fact, is what put us into this mess of having to try to do anything at all through banging it out in the physical arena. It isn’t that vigorous activity never has a place in accomplishment. In fact it has a great deal to do with getting things done.

But when you are in alignment with your Source Energy self, then hard work is a lighthearted joy. It is easy and fun and you could do it all day long. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a challenge. But most of the challenge occurs because you rise so rapidly in skill and ability when you are working that way, that you are constantly challenging yourself because you are at the leading edge of your capabilities.


This kind of work is what creates the highest value added to the society you are interacting with. It creates the best novels. It designs the finest cars. It achieves the highest value medical breakthroughs. And, yes, it often earns the most money.

The fact is that when you are in alignment with your higher self, and you are doing work you love, you are vibrating in the frequency of harmony, abundance, creative genius, and elegance, therefore, you attract abundant resources, elegant ideas, and harmonious help from willing and capable others.

I have written and refined my Main Mission and Top 4 Goals over the last year and, in fact, wrote an entire book that combines traditional goal setting with the law of attraction.

I would like to give you, now, my current Main Mission and Top 4 Goal Templates, so that you can model their language and apply them to your own Top 4 Goals.

Once you have done so, you want to read these at least once per day. As you read them, feel them and feel the happiness and relief you feel as you Love that fact that they are already done and living in your life. Do not spend any conscious time considering when, why not yet, or am I doing enough or am I doing it right. Any thought like that is a signal to read the goal as stated again, and reel your feelings back to the gratitude of the goal being done. Pull that done feeling into your now.

Know that there is never a “Someday” that you are working toward. There is only ever a “Now” that you are working with.

Choose to feel good about your goal, in the knowing that it is on its way into your now, which is true, because now is the only time you will ever live, and experience, and feel.

Here Are Your FREE Main mission and Top 4 Goal Templates:

Main Mission

  • I am financially, professionally, and logistically independent and free right now.
  • I earn an abundant living being who I am, and doing work I love and am outstanding at right now.
  • I decide when I am successful in my endeavors.
  • I work from/at/with/for (Your ideal work location or situation).

Top 4 Goals

  1. Career: I Am absolutely (Your ideal occupation or goal job) right now. I love earning more than enough money to be (Your ideal occupation or goal job). Thank You.
  2. Relationship: My (Girlfriend / Wife / Boyfriend / Husband / Close Fun Friend / Soulmate / Whatever it is you wish to find or maintain) found each other by our mutual attraction. We are both deserving of, grateful for, and excited about each other. I love having (a cool girlfriend / a best friend / a wife / a husband / a whatever you need in your relationship life). Thank You.
  3. Right now I am earning $ (blank) dollars a month. It feels so good. I can have, buy, or do anything I choose. It feels automatic and deserved and fun. Thank You.
  4. (Something huge that if you accomplished it, it would fill you with the most excitement and joy you can imagine.) For example, mine right now is this: One or more of my books has been made into a big successful movie. I am going to the movie premiere at a cool theater in Los Angeles. Outstanding!

Some people have asked me, how do you know the movie will be successful if you are going to the premiere in your goal? My answer is, “because you get what you expect, dude. You didn’t think I was rolling out of here with low expectations did you?”

So use those templates and create your own Main Mission and Top 4 Goals. I hope you enjoy using them to your highest accomplishment!

I have used mine to accomplish my dream job as a self-employed writer and Indie publisher. My house, car, boat, bike, and a month vacation in the Florida Keys every year are all paid for. I have $0 in credit card debt. I have friends and family and cousins that I do tons of adventurous things with and life is absolutely a blast. All because I have applied the law of attraction integrated with the methodical procedures of goal setting.

Doing that is a deeper subject that we do not have the time or space to fully go into here. But hey, you are online already. You read this article to the end. And I know you will love my book, Espresso For Your Goals. It is only $2.99 on kindle, and you can read it on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop using the free Kindle App. (Or on an actual Kindle of course!)

Thank you and Rock On!
Les Goodrich III