Using Morning Focus Cards To Apply The Law Of Attraction

One of the most effective ways to apply the law of attraction is to start first thing in the morning. If, before you even get out of bed, you choose a good feeling thought, then the law of attraction will add to that thought and you will begin your day with positive momentum.

One way to apply this technique is a simple exercise I developed called Morning Focus Cards. Morning Focus Cards are simply 3X5 index cards that I fill out with a few morning thoughts to start my day. Each morning when I wake up, I read the cards and truly conjure the good feelings written on them.

Doing this for thirty days will seriously impact your LOA momentum. Any serious deliberate creator could benefit from such a positive and healthful routine. Below I list the cards as I have written them for myself. Take what you can use and modify the statements if needed to suit your own deliberate creation program. Intention is powerful. The law of attraction functions in a large part because of momentum.

When you first wake up in the morning, you have no negative momentum to overcome. That is why this method is so useful and effective. Here are the cards that I read first thing every morning. Each section between the dotted lines below is one card.

Today I choose to be in a good mood.

I choose to maintain and build upon this good feeling mood by
moving through my day and meeting up with all of the people,
places, and experiences that please me.

Thank you. Rock On!
I am grateful for my…
Financial Prosperity
And my self-employed writing career
I chose to be a self-employed writer and Indie
Publisher for the fun and freedom of doing
what I love while working for myself.

Just thinking about my professional freedom
and independence puts me in a good mood.
I maintain a vibration in alignment with being a
confidently self-employed writer and indie publisher
who earns (X dollars) or more per month.
I love the experiences of Joy, Fun, Abundance, and
Gratitude that come from being able to have, do,
and give anything I choose. Thank You!
I have a positive cash flow.
My income always exceeds my expenses.
I love feeling confident and financially secure.

I deliberately focus my thoughts and feelings on the Joy
of being perfectly healthy, fit, and full of energy. It gives
me confidence everywhere I go. I love feeling so fit and
strong. I did it. Thank You!

So those are the seven little cards that I read every morning before I get out of bed. I have been doing so, and fine tuning the cards along the way, for about a year now and it has been amazing. In that time I have not only manifested some remarkable things, but I have felt better and better until I now feel great nearly all of the time.

Try this. Make your own cards. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, juts do it. You can always tweak them as you go.

I hope that my cards have inspired you to use one or two of them and to create your own. Let me know how your Morning Focus Card routine goes!

Rock On!

Les Goodrich III

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