LOA Notes from Key West

This week I am opening up my personal Daily Flow Journal to share some Law Of Attraction notes while I am here in Key West, Florida. Key West has a long history of resident writers. Everyone knows Ernest Hemingway lived there. But the island has also been home to Tennessee Williams, Thomas McGuane, Hunter S. Thomson, Tom Corcoran and many others. I am also including a photograph That I took this morning of a beautiful Conch House in Key West. Many such homes, built by ship’s carpenters in the late 1800′s, decorate the island town.


Les Goodrich – LOA Notes – Key West, Florida, Friday August 8, 2014

Picture it as done, then feel good about the fact that you are on your way to it.

The road trip is half of the adventure.

Feel excited and happy to be on the path to your desire MORE OFTEN than you feel bummed out that you aren;t there yet.

Stand where you are, and face, feel, think about, and love where you are going.

Remember that the workings of the Universe are almost always invisible as they are happening. Those things and people and events that will arise to carry you to your ultimate goals, will almost always only be recognized in hindsight.

A coconut on the ground will grow two or three unseen roots a foot or more into the ground before anyone every sees the first green frond sprout from the husk. The seeds of your highest goals and desires are this way as well. Much of their growth happens underground. Help those seeds to grow by focusing on your ideal desired result MORE OFTEN than on the absence of their manifestation.


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