The Law Of Resonance

The Law Of Resonance by Les Goodrich III

This blog post is an excerpt from the book Apply The Law Of Attractionwhich you can find on here: 2011-04-29_21-02-52_287 As Deliberate Creators we know that thoughts become things. There are many ways to describe the process of putting Deliberate Creation into practice. In this book we have begun the Deliberate Creation journey by recognizing and following four stages: Destination (clearly define it), Visualization (picture and feel it), Affirmation (believe it), and Actions (move toward it). So in the purest analysis, that’s all you have to do. Define what you want, visualize it as completed until you feel good about it, affirm it until you believe it, take the Clear Actions toward it that are obvious, then follow the Intuitive Actions that feel right in the moment. Once you get the hang of it following the four stages of Deliberate Creation will consistently put you in a place of receiving. This chapter will give you some more advanced receiving tools. When you first set out to apply the Law of Attraction you will spend some time realizing the thoughts you have consistently driven in the past, and all the ways those old thought patterns have created the reality that you find your self in now. It’s natural to recognize these connections, because you are looking for some proof in those early days of joining the Law of Attraction Tribe, as I am so fond of calling it. As you reflect on experiences you have had in the past, you may have a few that really stand out. Cherish those things that worked out well. If you can recall a time when you got something almost exactly the way you wanted it, revel in the memory every now and then. Those feelings will bring more similar feeling times into your life. You may also have a few situations that confound your most sincere reasoning. All logic and circumstance might point to your accomplishment of something, yet, for whatever reason, you just can’t ever seem to get it done. In my experience those situations are caused by one of two things nearly ninety percent of the time. The other ten percent accounts for the fact that the experience of life is so complex that we can never truly understand the reasons behind every circumstance. However, in cases when all logical reason would indicate your success in a certain area, yet you just never seem to achieve it, my observation has been that it has two possible main causes. First, these times can be the result of the fact that sometimes the Universe just knows better. I think we have all heard the notion that sometimes God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. (I think that might even be a line in a country song.) But often those types of catch phrases persist because of a certain amount of truth. I, for one, have definitely had the experience of wanting something that I thought I deserved, like a specific job, only to discover a less qualified candidate got it. In the moment it seemed like an injustice, but later I realized the event to be in my best interest when I was able to move on to something better. Maybe it’s that one girl or guy you really wanted, but that turned out to be a drag and a burden for the person they ended up with (and whom you were initially jealous of). Or maybe it is a creative goal, like writing a book or starting a business that just feels long overdue. This first reason (of an unanswered prayer being a gift) just might be the cause. Secondly (and this reason is one that is under your control) is the fact that you may have been giving more of your thought to your goal’s absence by being so astounded that you haven’t achieved it yet. That can be a powerful emotion and when emotions are involved in thoughts, the Law of Attraction responds with even more accuracy and speed. Remember that the Law of Attraction is simply a natural force. It is indifferent to what you do or don’t accomplish. The Law of Attraction is not a fancy name for an invisible human personality. It does not judge. It’s just the way that an interconnected field of constituent energy aligns the complimentary energies or vibrations within itself. It is just the way that energy works. Think of it like this. If a bucket of water is poured onto someone, that person will get wet. It doesn’t matter if it is a good person or a bad person. Water makes you wet without distinction. It’s just the way water works. In the same way, the Law of Attraction gives you what you give the majority of your thought, emotion and belief to. It does not matter if you are focusing on your goal accomplished, or on the fact that there is no way that I have not gotten this done yet. It is the vibration of your thought or belief that the Law of Attraction responds to. The thought and feeling of I can’t believe this goal is still not accomplished is the same vibration as this goal is not accomplished. The more attention you give that vibration, the more evidence of it you get in your experience. The way you manage your way around those times is by remembering to focus on what you do want at least more often than on the evidence of its absence. At this point you have done the heavy lifting as a dear friend of mine, and fellow high achiever, says. Remind yourself that once you have the four stages of Deliberate Creation up and running, your only job is to equate your feelings to the same feelings as your intention fulfilled. Resist the temptation to try to orchestrate your entire manifestation. Don’t micromanage the Law of Attraction. Yes, there are times for lists and Clear Actions. But resonance functions through aligned frequencies. In keeping with the heavy lifting analogy, think of it like this. Once you have moved a piano into its ideal spot, you don’t have to move it around again every day to get it there. You just walk into your music room (remember, think big people) and there it is just where you wanted it. Your big goals are the same way. Spend the time and effort putting them where you want them, or in other words, defining them clearly as done. Then know they are right and give your energy to feeling them as done. Feeling them as done is making use of the law of resonance. The law of resonance seems to be making a big splash in our LOA Tribe lately and I honestly think it’s because, at some point, Law of Attraction coaches and writers run out of things to talk about. That’s why it is just a chapter in this book and not an entire book unto itself. Essentially the law of resonance and the Law of Attraction say the same thing. The argument is that the law of resonance is how the Law of Attraction works, but then search for a definition of the law of resonance and it basically says that energies of the same tone attract each other and vibrate together at the same frequency. That sounds quite similar to like attracts like to me, and it is exactly that. However, there are some aspects to the law of resonance that reinforce the way the Law of Attraction functions and they are valuable and bear inclusion in this, our Apply The Law of Attraction manual. Resonance happens when a specific vibration stimulates an equally tuned latent subject. Just like two walkie-talkies must be on the same channel for a message transmitted from one to be received by the other. So, too, must the thoughts and feelings that you focus your desires on match the circumstances, people and events that find their way into your life. How do you know the vibration of having your goal fulfilled if you have never achieved it yet? The answer is that the Law of Attraction (and its technical cousin the law of resonance) is more forgiving than a radio transmitter. Radio equipment is designed to divide radio spectrum discretely so we get no interference. But the law of resonance functions, in the realm of human experience, on a wider scale. In fact, you can think of the law of resonance as having only two really wide channels with regard to tuning into feelings. One channel feels good. The other channel feels bad. That’s as specific as you need to get. Yes there are more subtle energies at work, but there is no need to stress over defining and recognizing them all. That would be the micromanaging tendency we talked about resisting. The best way to understand what the law of resonance looks like at work is to go through a few real world examples. If you have ever seen a beautiful, gleaming natural crystal then you are seeing a physical creation of the law of resonance. Those shining caves of hollow rock lined with purple amethyst crystals, or dazzling clusters of ice-clear quartz always amaze me. To me they are more beautiful than the finest jewelry made by man. And to think, they formed of themselves, without any person arranging, carving or dying them. The way that such crystals form is through a process where the conditions of the air and minerals are allowed (for centuries in some cases) to exist undisturbed. In these tranquil environments, if all of the necessary components are in attendance, a single molecule will attach to the wall of a stone. In the cave-dark stillness, if another molecule of the exact same type happens by it will join the first. Once two are together it is natural for a third to attach with them. Leave that process alone for a few hundred years and an elaborate crystal will materialize. The astounding thing is that the overall shape of the crystal’s faceted points will always be an exact mirror of the shape of the repetitive molecules that form it. To view a natural crystal is to view the Law of Attraction functioning through the law of resonance. Another more human example is the behavior of children. Have you ever heard a teacher or parent say that one kid is a bad influence on another? If you have, or are around, kids for any amount of time, then you have seen the law of resonance in action. One of the most fascinating things I have ever witnessed in this regard is the moment when a toddler first encounters another child of his or her same age. Often children of three or four years old have not had long interactions with other children their same size and age. If you have ever witnessed two young children encounter one another for the first time then you have witnessed life’s magic. And I am not referring to two children who have just never met before. I’m talking about that moment when two young ones who have never seen another person their same size and age all of a sudden see each other. If the two are somewhere that interaction is easy and safe, like at the beach or in a park or something, watch how fast they gravitate toward each other. You won’t be able to keep them apart. Their actions are spontaneous and they just run up to each other and begin to interact. To make use of this energy all you have to do is remember that the law of resonance only has two frequencies worth worrying about: good and bad. As you consider your intentions move into the world of action and be mindful of how your ideas and observations make you feel. If you are feeling good, then keep going. Let your good feelings guide you toward more good feelings as you focus on your ideal desired results. Good feelings generate (and are generated by) thoughts of excitement, confidence, readiness, abundance and happiness. If, when you focus on your goal, you naturally have those types of thoughts and feelings, then you are on the right track. If, on the other hand, you find your highest goals cause thoughts and feelings of stress, disappointment, lack or sadness then refocus toward their completion and not their absence. Often these negative vibrations just make an appearance for a second. Fine. Just let them come and go like the chattering of crows on the wire. It is just noise. Yes it has a place, but its place is not in the majority of your time and attention. The reason for bad feelings is to alert you to focus on good feelings instead. Negative feelings and thoughts point toward things you do not want. Allow them to remind you to focus, instead, on what you actually do want. Simply search for the feeling of happiness that your goal accomplished will give you. Release the habit of focusing on what a drag it is that your goal is still a hope or dream. The Law of Attraction always delivers. It always works. It simply delivers to you, what you resonate with the most often and the most passionately. Recognize the dazzling moments of the law of resonance in the world. Use it as fuel to manage and actualize your highest dreams and goals by applying the Law of Attraction toward more of what you want than more of what you don’t. One of the easiest and most effective ways to harness the power of the law of resonance (and by definition the Law of Attraction) is the old act as if routine. It can also be really fun. Pick one of your highest goals or intentions and choose something you can do in order to act as if you have already accomplished it. Don’t go so far as to put yourself in debt over it, but if your true goal is to double your income, then splurge when you can afford it even in the most subtle way. If you like good beer to go with your sushi, then buy the more expensive Japanese import beer at the sushi place. It’s only one dollar more than the cheapest beer on the menu. One dollar. You lose that much running for the bus. But use that tiny indulgence as a moment to savor the feelings of abundance. Something I like to do is always donate to whatever charity my local grocery store is collecting for when I shop. When I come up to pay and the cashier asks if I would like to donate to the XYZ fund to help kids or what have you, I always say yes and give them a buck. If I were focused on lack and therefore clinging to every penny I would say no. Doing so would send the I lack money signal to the Universe and I would get more experiences to prove it. But since my goal is abundance I act as if I have more money than I need in that instant so, sure, I’ll donate today. Remember, I don’t act like I have more money than I need and go finance a Lamborghini(yet). But I will donate a dollar for little kids when I buy groceries. I have done that at my most broke moment and with pleasure because I know that what you give is what you get. When you act as if it sends a signal to the Universe, which always responds in kind. This shows the difference in the power of action as it relates to resonance and, therefore, alignment. Thinking you are rich, saying you are rich and visualizing you are rich all send vibrations to fuel the Law of Attraction. But being too cheap to donate a dollar to starving kids, or using a calculator to subtract sales tax from a dinner bill so you are relieved from the responsibility of tipping on that extra seven percent sends a much more powerful message. Goal set, visualize and affirm? Yes. But also act as if you are there already in the little ways you can each day. Another thing I used to do to act as if I was a completely self-employed writer (well before I was) was this. On my days off from my corporate job I would pack up my notebooks and laptop and drive up the coast to Melbourne, Florida, which is just about forty minutes away. I would spend the day writing at this cool little café in the old downtown area just because part of my Main Mission back then was to be able to work from wherever I chose to each day. I would do my best to forget my day job and, for that afternoon, be a self-employed author. If someone asked me what I was up to (coffee shop people love to talk to strangers sometimes) I would say that I was a writer. The fact was that I was a writer, even a paid one to a degree. I would just leave out the part about me working forty-five hours a week at my other job. Now when I feel like getting out of the house I will often go to that same café to work. I always have to laugh to myself. The fine people who work there have never known my struggles and long hours of doing both a corporate job and striving to reach my self-employment goals. They only know me as the guy who is a writer. That’s whom they knew me as when it was only a dream, and that’s whom they know me as now that it is a pure reality. For that very reason I love that place. Maybe if they ask me what I’m up to now I will say that I’m working on topping the New York Times Bestseller List. The barista there would probably say, “Oh cool. Well enjoy your espresso.” Acting as if is a powerful way to resonate at the same vibration as your intended ideal desired result. Also remember that once you realize that your goal seems overdue, it could likely be for one of two main reasons. Sometimes it is your unanswered prayer and sometimes it is because you have passionately given too much energy to the illogical fact that you have not accomplished something yet. Be cautious of continually resonating at the same frequency as your goal unfulfilled. Recognize these moments as times when invisible forces are still assembling and continue to give your energy toward feeling the same state as your goal achieved. Increase your enthusiasm about the steps toward your goal that you have accomplished so far, to such a degree that the steps you have not achieved yet become irrelevant. Not irrelevant to accomplish, but irrelevant with regard to how their absence makes you feel. You are simply on the journey. Act as if and believe in your goals so that you can continue until you receive your goals. This blog post is an excerpt from the book Apply The Law Of Attraction which you can find on here: